About the race

Bergslagsleden på 5 dagar (Bergslagsleden in five days) is an all inclusive running-race along the 280km long Bergslagsleden-trail form 31st of July to 4th of August. It starts in the North at Kloten and finishes close to lake Vättern at Stenkällegården. The trail passes many historical sites, beautiful panorama views and several National Parks.

From 2018 we are a UTMB qualifier and you will collect 4 points if you finish the race. Read more about it here: www.utmbmontblanc.com

Transportation will be provided to all racers from Örebro, which is the main city of the area. The trail is mainly single track and partly very technical but also includes shorter sections of gravel roads, tarmac etc. During the five days runners will do a total of near 4000 meters of elevation. It is two different categories, you can compete in pairs or individual. If you competes i pairs you need to stick together all the time. To make this experience even higher we sugesst to take on this challange in pairs but it is up to you. Included in the registration fee is accommodation, breakfast, lunch packages, snacks, dinner.

Last day to enter is July 16th.

In 2015 and 2016 two crazy runners and an even crazier support driver made two attempts to set a Fastest Known Time for the ”Bergslagsleden”. First they failed but in 2016 they succeeded with a total time of 85hrs 33 min. They all fell in love with the trail, the nature and the adventure. This is their attempt to make running the whole Bergslagsleden accessible to more people.

Register for the race here!



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